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Launched: Halloween and Bonfire Night safety campaign

By Bobby Kelly, Independent Journalist. Last edited: 12:00pm 19/10/2021.

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service (MAWWFRS) launched it’s Halloween and Bonfire Night safety campaign this week, it aims to raise awareness of the heightened risks at this time of year and to provide practical advice on celebrating safely.

A spokesperson for MAWWFRS said:

“After restricted celebrations last year as a result of COVID-19 pandemic, MAWWFRS recognises that many will want to return to more usual activities this year. As a result, members of the Fire and Rescue team wish to remind others of some helpful hints and tips to help keep themselves, their families and communities safe.

The Fire and Rescue Service has developed a full suite of information on their website


providing further information on staying safe during the Bonfire Night and Halloween period, along with fun material for children and young adults.

Halloween is a special time for children and young people, and with last year’s restrictions now easing, it will be an opportunity to wear fancy dress costumes and carve pumpkins, but this celebration presents fire risks.

Every year, MAWWFRS witness dangerous bonfires being built. These bonfires may include items which are toxic and other items which present a danger to spectators, whether it be risk of explosion or other. Not only do these bonfires pose a danger to the public, but the environment can be badly affected by poorly built bonfires and arson reduction and community safety members will be working with police and local authority colleagues to ensure that communities are kept safe.”

Richard Vaughan Williams, Arson Reduction Manager for MAWWFRS said:

“This bonfire night may feel different to last year when we were in the height of the pandemic and although we continue to advise against having your own personal displays, we understand that there may still be fewer public displays available to attend. There are serious dangers associated with bonfires, in particular ones that are not professionally organised. Bonfires should be safe and legal, so we have provided information that will assist you to help ensure that you, your family, and our communities are kept safe.”

Police Sergeant Terri Harrison of the Arson Reduction Team said,

“Police Officers and PCSOs will be working closely with Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service to ensure that we can collectively keep our communities safe this year. Of particular concern is the misuse of fireworks as well as obtaining, possession and use of professional grade fireworks by amateur users, which presents a huge risk to our communities and is against the law. If you do decide to use fireworks, please ensure that it is not in a public place and follow the firework code as listed on our website and purchase from a reputable retailer – be safe, be legal.”

Want to advertise your business or organisation here?

Want to advertise your business or organisation here?


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