”Independent Commission to consider the constitutional future of Wales’

By Bobby Kelly,  Independent Journalist. Last edited at 07:03am 19/10/21.

Professor Laura McAllister and Dr Rowan Williams will be co-chairs of an Independent Constitutional Commission to consider Wales’ future.

Following the appointment of the co-chairs the remaining members will be confirmed at its first expected meeting in November.

Professor Laura McAllister is a Welsh academic and former international footballer. She commented:

“Serious contributions to our constitutional debate are greatly needed and I’m looking forward to our work contributing to filling that space. We’ll think boldly and radically about all potential options for the future of Wales, in the context of the increasing pressure on the Union.”

Dr Rowan Williams, born in Swansea, served as the Archbishop of Canterbury from 2002-2012. He commented:

“This Commission’s job is to ask what structures and constitutional provisions will best release the potential of Welsh communities and Welsh people.

“We want to make sure that the governance of Wales is effective, accountable and imaginative, and look forward to hearing what hopes and visions are animating people around the country.”

Responding to the announcement of Professor Laura McAllister and Dr Rowan Williams as the co-chairs of an independent Constitutional Commission to consider Wales’ future, Rhys ab Owen, Plaid Cymru Constitution and Justice and Justice spokesperson said:

“A Constitutional Commission is an opportunity to hold the most wide-ranging national conversation about Wales’s future in the history of devolution.

“We welcome Professor Laura McAllister and Dr Rowan Williams to post and wish them well in their roles as Chairs.

“Plaid Cymru looks forward to engaging constructively with the Commission and its work, making use of every opportunity it presents to make the case for independence and that our nation’s interests will be best served when decisions over Wales’s future are placed in Wales’s hands.”

In ‘Reforming our Union: Shared governance in the UK June 2021’ The 2nd edition of the Welsh Government’s views on the ‘reforms needed to put the Union on a sustainable footing for the future’, found here: (https://gov.wales/reforming-our-union-shared-governance-in-the-uk-2nd-edition-html#section-74036)

It states: ‘It continues to be our view that future constitutional reform needs to be considered from a UK-wide perspective, but there is as yet no commitment from the UK government for the national debate across the UK which is clearly needed. It is for that reason that we will be taking forward our commitment to foster a national, civic conversation in Wales about our future, by establishing an independent Commission to consider the constitutional future of Wales. Our aim is that the Commission and the civic conversation will engage inclusively with individuals, communities and all parts of civic society. It will seek to build a consensus on the issues which most impact on people’s lives and the reforms that would be necessary to achieve changes which would empower and benefit Wales and our communities, increase prosperity and improve quality of life and wellbeing.’



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